WSTRNCV is an acronym for Western Civilization. The definition we like most is; Rational thinking developed through a long age of change and formation with the experiments of enlightenment, naturalism, romanticism, science, democracy, and socialism. With its global connection, Western culture grew with an all-inclusive urge to adopt, adapt, and ultimately influence other trends of culture.

WSTRNCV is a Southern California based product design company with roots in the East Coast, Asia and Europe. The goal is to promote the “Live Free” attitude that embraces the culture we grew up with, being and taking part in so many subcultures globally. Through Music, Creative Arts, Surfing, Skateboarding, Single Gear bicycles, Custom cars, vintage motorcycles, traveling and above all product creation. These are things that give us the sense of freedom we enjoy so much and ultimately what lifestyle means for us.

We will pull inspiration from all over the world adopting, adapting and influencing trends and culture in order to get our message of “Live Free” out into the world.

Please check back with us regularly to share in the inspiration we pull and post here…

Thank you

Creative Director / Founder

I. Lanier

Make me shout
Starring: Lotus Exige
(by goincarcrazy)


Make me shout

Starring: Lotus Exige

(by goincarcrazy)

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